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URT // Collider + Alvar

28. september fra 20:00 - 1:00

Pris: 50,- for medlemmer 80, – for ikke medlemmer

Collider (DK) is the sound of euphoric dreamy-noisey guitars with an aggressively explosive undertone and a dizzying feeling of spiralling into a kaleidoscopic maelstrom of whirling whitenoise, demanding a total surrender and inevitably leaving the you blissfully gasping for air! It’s hard to ignore obvious influences of 90’s shoegaze, slacker and twee bands which though with Collider melts into an ever-changing and extremely powerful playfulness, resulting in a continuously unpredictable and highly distinctive fusion of genres and expression. Despite Collider’s extreme musical dynamics and constant building up – and almost immediate deconstruction of highly complex soundscapes – as a whole it appears anything but messy; Collider’s sound is more like a kind of ‘natural chaos’, just as you would see fireworks, a whirling river or a galaxy as a form of chaos; driven exclusively by its own mystical natural forces, as well as an absolutely urgent inner necessity! This year Collider has played at fx. SPOT Festival, Northern Winter Beat, Dansk Live årsmøde, plus latest-but-not-least at Roskilde Festival! Collider released their highly acclaimed 12″ debut album -><- on Cph label Escho in February 2019 - and the band is currently working on new material! "...én af de mest intense, forfriskende albumdebuter fra et dansk rockband i lang tid." ? ? ? ? ? – Soundvenue "Shoegaze and avant-garde spirit collided during Collider’s set. Pedalboards were ablaze as they’d rip through their layers of noise with healthy doses of psych – even throwing in some saxophone for good measure. This all may sound heady written out, but live it was much looser and just plain fun – the band beaming as they’d change aesthetics mid-track and constantly diverting expectations." – KEXP "I selskab med Collider lyder verden igen, som om den tilhører elguitaren og guitarpedalerne – og den mest respektløse del af ungdommen." – Dagbladet Information ___________________________ Alvar I mødet med publikum præsenterer Alvar en lyd, som tager afsæt i en kombination af post-punk og shoegaze. Selvom det er svært at forudse, hvad der sker, når gruppen går på scenen, er det dog sikkert, at det bliver både støjende, intenst og eftertænksomt. Man skal som altid være 16 for at komme ind, og 18 for at købe alkohol.   Sted:

Plantagevej 18

7700, Thisted


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28. september
20:00 - 1:00